Monday, June 6, 2011

Las Perlas tropical juice

Look for our concession trailor and help support us! We would like to open a real business someday...the juice is unique and so has Boba pearls in the bottom which are a chewy delight it is a fun drink on a hot summers day!

Wow it has been a while!

Our family is growing up so fast! Michael is almost 2 and Andres is almost 4. They are adorable boys who keep me on my toes. We enjoy swimming in the back yard, looking for bugs under rocks and jumping on the trampoline. Andres has been a really good big brother of course they fight but he has taught Michael so much. Felito and I have opened a small business it is a Tropical Juice trailor called LAS PERLAS tropical juice it has been quite a serious process getting it up and running but we are now attending the farmers market in Logan (on the upper north west side) and week day evenings here in Smithfield at the Soft ball and little league field parking lot. Hopefully we can unload the debt of the trailor and truck and start making some money for fun stuff. Like maybe a trip to the Dominican Republic. I am also really excited about running the Ragnar this year it is a 188 mile run that starts up at Utah State and ends in Park City we have 24 people in our group and we each have 3 seperate legs that we run. Our group consists of Felito and I my uncle Dale cousin Jenni and her husband Andy and other people Felito works with. I have been training over the last 3 months...tonight I ran 8 miles in and hour.....ouch I am hurting I hope i didn't over do it.....I am in pain tonight.....I just want to be ready! I think I will have to run less but more often two more weeks and it is the run. June 17 & 18. I hope we can do well it has been really fun training... hope all goes good. I am excited my garden is comming up good I have a huge garden this year I have added strawberrys and raspberrys this year and I have also bought some grape vines and blueberry vines that I still need to plant. I better get hasta luego.

Wow it has been a while!

I was just looking at my blog and I can't believe that I haven't even posted about Michael. I guess the last two years have been really hard on me. Michael has been such a joy though. I love him and Andres to pieces. I need to be better about posting now I realize I have been missing in action.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hey ya all!!

I am at my aunts house using her internet so I will let you know a little about us. We are doing really good we really enjoyed our trip to the Dominican Republic sorry that I didn't write more I was up nursing Michael non stop and truthfully we traveled over the whole island except Haiti of course so I didn't have access to internet very often. I want to get my journal and write what we did so that you can know what we did. It was so much fun.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We are here in the Dominican Republic !!

We have fineally made it to the Dominican Republic...The time is going by so fast I can hardly believe we have been here a week already... we have seen so many fun things and hope to see alot more. It has been so good to come and see our family, Felito's sisters and all our nieces and nephews, it is growing so big. We are staying in a beautiful hotel in Boca Chica a 7 minute car ride away from Felito's brother Franklin and sister Sobieda. Our hotel has a fresh water swimming pool and two master bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and dining and living room. The hotel has cable T.V. and wireless internet. To sum it up we are in paradise. The grounds around the hotel are breath taking palm trees, ground cover and beautiful flowering bushes of all colors. It is around 86 degrees in the night and of course slightly hotter in the daytime.

Day 1 (thursday)- figured out rental car and hotel, then we went to visit family, Franklin, Sobieda, Amanda and all of Andres and Michaels cousins (eight in total). It was so fun, the power was out so we enjoyed sitting out on the frount porch and playing with glow lights that my dad brought from the states. We had a delicious hamburger, fries and drink. Which we shared together. It was so great to be back with family and Andres had a ball running down the street with his cousins. Michael enjoyed getting held by his aunts and cousins. Mom and Dad enjoyed meeting felito's twin sister for the first time. Mom was asking if there were fireflies in the D.R. and at that moment we saw a few fling around.

Day 2 (Friday)-

Day 3 (Saturday)-

Day 4 (Sunday)-

Day 5 (Monday)-

Day 6 (Tuesday)-

Day 7 (Wednesday)-

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get your Vacs

Last Thursday Andres and I Started off with Sore throats and ear aches...( I had a bladder infection) and then we ended up with the SWINE FLU! All I can say is we wanted to die...but we can fineally swallow and the body aches and pains have subsided....thankgoodness! WE are now vacinated Andres after the fact got the flu shot and Micheal got the flu vac and 2 other shots to make him current to go to the Dominican Republic. WE ARE SOOOoooooo EXCITED!! One more week! Yeah! Felito and will have to wait until next week to get vacinated for the swine flu vac. Micheal is doing so well the Doctor said that I can start him on solid floods I was so supprised because I didn't start that with Andres until 6 months. Well good to hear from some of you guys! Love you all !!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Hey ya all"

hOw ArE YoU ALL? We are doing really good. We are getting really excited it is only 13 days now until our big trip. We are so EXCITED to see Felito's family and to have Andres and Michael meet their aunts and uncles and Grandma. We had a really good halloween Andres was an adorable pumpkin and Michael was a monkey. We went trick or treating and Andres LOVES candy. Then we went up to grandma and grandpas for the evening. Michaels baby blessing was really good. He is such a good baby. He loves to smile and coo. He is extremely vocal I love it. We miss being in contact with you all and hope all is well.